About S.E.T., Inc.

Since our inception in 1988, S.E.T., Inc. has focused on providing the highest quality general contracting and construction services to our clients throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania. We pride ourselves on having the ability to complete the most challenging projects the industry has to offer. Over the past 25 years, S.E.T., Inc. has completed over $100 million worth of both government and private contracts. The extensive expertise of our team members has allowed us to successfully manage projects of various size and scope. We approach each project with the same philosophy; complete the job safely, efficiently and on time to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Safety Commitment

At S.E.T., Inc., the safety of our employees, and the public, is our highest priority. Our focus has been helping our employees utilize proven safety processes and industry standards that allow our them to work safely. Training, planning, proper equipment; identifying the correct safety measures; and having the right and responsibility to stop any unsafe operations are just a few of the safety processes our employees follow every day.

Annual training provides our employees with the knowledge and understanding of the necessary tools to maintain safety systems and processes.

Our proven safety record and commitment to “Zero Incidents” reflects our company wide dedication to employee safety. As our role within the construction industry grows, we will continue to focus on education and promotion of a safe working environment.